Follow Listen Feel

by The Endless Steppe

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Follow Listen Feel is our first official release since reforming in September of 2013.


released February 24, 2014

Guitars tracked at D-Wolf Recordings
Everything else tracked, mixed, and mastered at Goldfish Studios




The Endless Steppe Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: An Atlas
It was never my place, and I couldn't care anymore
Why can't these thoughts remain paper thin
Cut my tongue from my mouth
These contentions can't remain here
It caused a change in the wind
A contingency bound to transpire
Conspire to distance this
These walls are caving and crushing
Breaching with unfathomable scrutiny
I am drowning
Im drowing in this torment
This burden of conscious conflict
Has cost me and cast me out
An unmoved man
Insouciant to this world
Remove me, from this world
But home is the only place that feels right
The only place that I can breathe in every cherished dream
Track Name: Follow Listen Feel
The beacon of every somber word we’ve ever spoken sheds light on the foundation of my life
So it seems these trials and tribulations are pressing me to capitulate
Instigation of your thoughts, anchors me to sanity
Well, you’ve given me everything I could ever need
Self Confidence, Self Consciousness to be a better fucking me.
Lost at sea, you have always struggled with me.
And I hope and I pray I’ll honor everything you ask of me.
Follow, Listen, and Feel
These are the words of the man you thought I could be
And I hope and I pray that someday I could repay everything
Ill be the man that Ive promised to be
Ill be the man that Ive begged myself to be
Track Name: Foresight
A cerulean gem in the foreboding black
Bearing the fruits of life’s labor
A consistent rehearsal to the end of time
Bruised and battered to the end of history
So stagnant in her ways
The world is still turning
Through the cracks, and desolation
The world is still turning
Behold the epidemic, self destructive
Cognitive of its ways
Unchanging, tenaciously deadly
We’ll march to our own destruction
The status quo is not an option
The world will turn even after we are gone
How can you sit there and watch it burn
The knowledge in your hands, yet your unconcerned
Preaching the dreams of a life beyond the stars
Beating the persistent drum of your regression
Yet all I see is the regression of a species bent on extinction
Just take the time and open your eyes
Shut your mouth and take the time
I've seen the execution
I’m the messenger of ruin
A consistent rehearsal to the end of time
Bruised and battered to the end of history
How can we endure on an empty rock, floating in this abyss
We aren't the lost
We are the voice of change
We are the voice of a new beginning
Track Name: ...And the Beat Goes On
Pick yourselves up from the ground
This is a call to speak aloud
A call to breathe again, believe again, dream again
Pick yourselves up from the gutters my friends; there is work to be done
Pick yourselves up, Pick yourselves up, you’re so barren
But the winters gone, it’s time to move on (carry on)
Let the dead bury the dead
Where has it gone that message of a better day
Where is your mind? Where is your heart
Have you forgot the sting of forfeit
Life is what you make of it
But we’ll push on; we carry these messages in our hearts
This concrete shoed love has brought me down again
I’d sell my soul to pick you up again
I wonder where you’ll be in another fucking year
I hope you find some solace in mind
You always said things will be right
Breathe in and breathe out
Where is that mindset
Were the words of hope just a lie
Or have you lost all sight of the good man you strive to be
Pick yourselves up from the gutters my friends; there is work to be done
Pick yourselves up, Pick yourselves up, you’re so barren
You’ve braved the storm, don’t you lose sight of what means more in your life
Your will is your own.
Track Name: Flowers
Lets slow dance with the idea that these myths are a fact.
We spend our lives searching for our other half.
I’ve spent the better part of a year and a half drunk off my ass
Its taken its toll, its more than I could afford.
You can find me at district, sulking in the back.
I know these ways are poison, you taught me that.
You picked me up, you held me high
Brought me back from the man I had regressed to, I owe so much to you.
And now we’ll see that only time will tell
And now we’ll see the fruits of our gentle devotion
Those emerald eyes have brought me peace, they brought me peace tonight.
I strive to hold you up so high, to be a beacon in your life
To be the solid ground you can stand on
Crimson and clover, over and over again.